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Mason Greenwood attempted rape charges dropped

 Rita Ora  She has kept details of her wedding to Taika Waititi largely under wraps, without confirming an exact date for the couple to exchange vows. What we know: Waititi proposed to Ora with an emerald set in a diamond pavĂ© bezel, then threw an elaborate wedding ceremony for his new wife Band at a private ceremony.

The singer revealed more details about her engagement ring, which she has "never shown to anyone" so far, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "Because I love you and I think it's weird that you're part of our relationship because we look at you every night and I just think Like I'll show you," she told Fallon before reaching out to the camera. "He did a great job. "

When asked about the selection process, Ora said she mentored Waititi. "I just feel like, when you know what you want, I feel like I really know that I want to be with this person, and I just want to feel really good," she explained. "I might take him to the store and then I Might have pinpointed exactly what ring I wanted. "


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