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Savannah Lloyd is the Eagles' Pro Bowl Cheerleader, awarded for her performance in the NFL's equivalent of the Super Bowl.

Savannah Lloyd is the sixth-year Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader. She's one of eight Philadelphia Eagle players chosen to participate in the 2023 Pro Bowl. Additionally, her teammates voted her as the team's Pro Bowl Cheerleader for the year.

Savannah said being chosen to perform at the 2023 Pro Bowl Games in Las Vegas is her dream come true. It is the most prestigious honor a NFL Cheerleader can receive. Savannah has been with her team, the Houston Texans, for six amazing seasons.

Savannah’s rookie season of 2017 was a remarkable one. She experienced so many unique experiences afterward. Some examples include

cheering at Super Bowl 52

Giving thanks to the United States Armed Forces for their goodwill military tours in Japan and South Korea.

Traveling to the Dominican Republic and Mexico to help the underserved.

Partaking in an event alongside Queen’s iconic band.

The Madden NFL '22 soundtrack video included the group.

Modeling in Fashion Week

Making an appearance on American Idol

Savannah is situated in the Dominican Republic.

Savannah is one of the members of the Pro Bowl Cheerleaders voted for by her teammates. During the week in Las Vegas, she and other Pro Bowl Cheerleaders from across the NFL perform on center stage during various community initiatives. During the first-ever Pro Bowl Games, Savannah performs on center stage while NFL players compete in a series of skills challenges. Her special experience is due to the fact that she was chosen in a vote by her teammates.

Three-year captain Savannah said she’d take a piece of her family with her to Las Vegas. She proved that hard work and believing in oneself are key to success. I am incredibly grateful to my colleagues for showing me so much support and voting me into the Pro Bowl. My heartfelt thanks go out to them.

Marywood University graduate Savannah earned a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. As a first grade teacher, she is used to 30 students yelling and cheering as she teaches. When Savannah stands in front of a nearly 70,000 person sold-out crowd at Lincoln Financial Field, the kids don't scream and cheer like usual.

Savannah shared that announcing her name during a New Year's Day game made her feel proud. She mentioned feeling happy to share the moment with her family and teammates, including Shardae and Talia, her closest friends. During the game, many fans congratulated Savannah; this pleased her deeply. I will never forget the feeling of being recognized by 70,000 fans I've shared gamedays with. My heart still overflows with pleasure and pride.

Savannah thanks those who helped her achieve this positive future as the season closes. Her thoughts then shifted to her immediate family, and she began to envision her life ahead.

Savannah with her mother Mary Lou.

Philadelphia Eagles Brian Garfinkel started his career with the team.

Savannah with her mother Mary Lou.

I owe my sisters MacKenzie and Hunter a heartfelt thank you for always being there for me. They are the younger children of my parents Jay and Mary Lou. My aunt Romar founded a dance studio called Romar Dance Studio in 1947 alongside my mom. They operate this business to this day. Savannah always considered this place her second home. She began her dance journey here. As a child, I danced from age 3 to age 18. However, performing at dance recitals was not enough for me; instead, I hoped to one day take over my family business as an instructor/choreographer.

Savannah gained inspiration to create a homeroom focused on the Eagles Cheerleaders while watching their performance at the home opener in 2016.

Savannah said her fiancé David encouraged her to audition for the Eagles Cheerleaders. She admitted that would have never tried out on her own. When I met the Eagles Cheerleaders mesmerized me, I immediately told my friend I wanted to be one. My next thought was when auditions were taking place when I decided this would be my new goal.

Before the home season football game against the New York Jets this past summer, David planned to propose to Savannah at Lincoln Financial Field.

Six years ago, this group became a significant part of both their lives and their families' lives. The Eagles have been an important part of many people's lives since then. They are very grateful for the support they've received from family members. When this team first formed, they gave me bridesmaids, best friends and an extended family of my own. I’m looking forward to meeting all of the Pro Bowl Cheerleaders from across the league and soon they’ll be part of my family.

Savannah stands proudly next to her father, Jay.

The Philadelphia Eagles' Brian Garfinkel is an example for his school, the Philadelphia School District.

Savannah and her father, Jay, standing side by side.


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