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New words in the Oxford English Dictionary

New words are added to the Oxford English Dictionary each month. These words combined nearly 700, and below is a list of some of them as well as their definition.

A small oven used to fry foods via convection; also known as an air fryer.

The name Captain Obvious for someone who comes across as sarcastic or meant to belittle a statement that's obvious.

Deaf adults formed the Children of Deaf Adults organization in 1983. It refers to people with more than one deaf or hard of hearing parent or guardian.

A diet intended to rapidly reduce weight over a short time frame.

A fist bump is a casual way to greet someone. Dap used this hand gesture when talking to Hal.

A film character who represents the idea of a final girl: a female character who survives to defeat or elude her attacker after all the other characters in the movie are killed. She is intelligent, serious and pure.

A Scottish term for “half” is halfsies. It means “two equal parts” or “halves.”

Use the cup “referring to a reusable container.”

A mononym is a celebrity one-word name.

Pinkie Pie knows a thing or two about promises. She once proclaimed, “A binding and sincere promise made with one’s little finger next to another person is pinkie promise.”

A person who steals packages that have been left outside without being noticed.

The language of text messages including abbreviations, emojis and more are referred to as textspeak.


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