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Meghan Trainor Pregnant, Expecting Second Baby with Husband Daryl Sabara: 'I'm Crushing It'

The pop star also revealed that her pregnancy book 'Dear Future Mom' will be published in April

Meghan Trainor becomes mom of two!

The pop star is expecting her second child with husband Daryl Sabara, she confirmed to PEOPLE.

"How lucky," Trainor, 29, told PEOPLE EXCLUSIVELY. "I'm so grateful to be able to conceive. I thought, 'I'm going to crush this. This is amazing. These are my dreams. I'm halfway there—I want four kids!"

The All About That Bass singer and Spy Kids actor, 30, are already parents to son Riley, whom they welcomed in February 2021.

"We tried to tell him, 'He's got a baby in his belly,' but now he's pointing at his belly and saying, 'Baby.' We're like, 'Oh no, it's not in your belly — it's in Mommy's belly!'" said Trainor, who also shared her happy news on Monday morning's Today show.

Meghan Trainor says she's aiming to get pregnant again next year: 'Trying to have 4'

Meghan Trainor's baby announcement


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Before it was revealed, Trainor had been hiding her belly under her favorite clothes.

"Hoodie baby! I wrote a smash that said, 'Even though I'm wearing a hoodie...'" the singer said, referring to her hit single "Made You Look." (She released a remix of the song with Kim Petras last week.) "I just wear a hoodie. Everyone says, 'You don't even show yourself, you're so small. I say, 'Okay , you can't see me! Really."

Now four months into her second pregnancy, Trainor says it's markedly different from her first.

Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara Celebrate Christmas With Son Riley - Check Out These Adorable Photos!

"It was like a real pregnancy. The first one was like a ray of light. Me and Riley had no symptoms, so much so that I thought, 'We need to go to the doctor. I don't have anything. I'm pregnant,' Trainor told people Late with Riley with symptoms.. I feel nauseous and my chest is sore. It's been a ride. It's been a rough ride but luckily it's vacation so I can relax and lay down. I Pee once in 20 minutes and I'm just great from talking.

This time, too, she felt longing for the first time — "everything and everything," she quipped.

"I wasn't particularly craving Riley. This time I thought, 'I need a pickle. Even if I eat chocolate or candy, the pickle has to go with it. It's weird, but it's great,'" Trainor added. "I had a meal, and then I thought, 'I can go on.'"

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In addition to preparing for baby No. 2, Trainor is preparing for the release of her first book, Dear Future Mama, in which she shares her experience of getting pregnant while being shaken by a gynecologist. Nationally certified nutritionist and personal trainer. The book will hit shelves on April 25.

"I'm an open book and I love telling everyone my rudeness and all my truths," Trainor told PEOPLE. "I don't feel like I'm alone when someone says, 'Oh my god, me too,' and I think, 'I'm not weird, and my body is no different. It's normal.'"


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