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Buzz Aldrin’s relationship with 93-year-old Monica Aldrin is longtime. They get married.

 An image of Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin aboard the lunar module Eagle on July 21, 1969 can be seen.

Retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin married Anca Faur, the second female astronaut to walk in space, on a high note.

Neil Armstrong and his wife Buzz Aldrin, who met in a private ceremony in Los Angeles, became husband and wife on Friday. Armstrong's 93rd birthday was also marked by his new marriage. He tweeted about the special day with the same enthusiasm as a couple about to get married.

Buzz Aldrin accompanied Neil Armstrong on the first NASA mission to the moon, which was in 1969.

Since 1971, Aldrin has advocated for a Mars manned mission as a public figure.

Partner Faur is the executive vice president of Buzz Aldrin Ventures LLC. Aldrin disclosed on Twitter that the two have been a pair for more than four years; he further indicated that they traveled the world together and spent time with Faur's grandchildren.

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